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ONE SMALL HITCH is currently on exclusive streaming and download deals with Netflix and iTunes.  The DVD is available to purchase on Amazon.


“Smart and enjoyable. Well-written, -acted and -directed, with technical polish to spare. If you’re a romantic-comedy fan, this one should sate your appetite!”

-- James van Maanen,

"This is one sweet, charming, funny movie. If I wasn’t 25 years out of the dating pool, I’d want to take a first date to see this movie."

-- Bob Andelman,

"If only there were a lighthearted, little love ditty that I can watch over and over again without growing tired of it. One that makes me believe in a princess love story for grown women like “27 Dresses,” but with a big family feel and celebration of culture like “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”. “One Small Hitch” is just that indie slice of heaven I can curl up to night after lonely night." 

-- Lonita Cook,

"It was endearing, lighthearted, sweet, and just plain fun!  This is a perfect film to see with girlfriends."

-- Pamela Powell, Reel Honest Reviews

“One Small Hitch heralds the arrival of a very talented director in John Burgess. Wonderful leading performances, especially by Aubrey Dollar.  A delightful discovery at the Napa Valley Film Festival." 

-- J. Todd Harris,

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